Herbed Lentil Balls & Avocado Hummus

 today’s recipe are curved lentil balls

which we’re going to serve with a garlic

cream and then my dream dip which is

kind of half guacamole half hummus

what is not to love the only thing is

you just need to sowed some cashews

before had for the garlic cream so the

first thing to do is just stop cooking

your lentils so we’re using dried green

lentils and you’re going to cook them

for kind of 2025 minutes until they’re

tender and then just leave them to cool

we’re gonna just chop our garlic and our

onion and cut those up and you want to

just saute them until they go soft and

son-in to go translucent and again we’re

just gonna pull those down before we

blend it all up it just helps it cook a

little bit easier while you’re waiting

for that you can start adding the other

ingredients so we’re gonna add our

parsley fresh parsley buckwheat flour if

you don’t have buckwheat flour you could

use just use a plain flour gluten free

or normal then we’re gonna add dried

thyme and rosemary and those just add so

much flavor then we’re gonna add our

cooked onion and garlic and our drained

lentils some olive oil so and just blend

it all up until it’s really thick and a

nice sort of creamy paste


at this point you just want to line a

baking tray and we’re just gonna roll

them out

I’m it little balls on the tray okay so

we have our herby lentil balls they’re

all ready to go in the oven and while

they bake I’m gonna make the garlic

cream to go alongside them and then our

avocados chickpea dip which is basically

the dream because it’s half firm that’s

how come only doesn’t get better than


normally we do these with an ice cream

scoop to get the kind of perfect

roundness I can’t find it today so you

can just mold them with your hands as

well which makes them a little bit

flatter which works really well so now

I’m going to pop in the oven and make

melody dishes so what we need here is

our soaked cashews and so can you just

means they blend up so much more easily

and it’s so much creamier and we’re

gonna just have that with some almond

milk or over milk lemon juice so roasted

garlic super super simple you could add

some nutritional yeast as well blend

whizz it until it’s super creamy and

pour that into a bowl

give your blender a quick rinse and then

we’re going to do past guacamole half

thermos so first of all we just want to

really nice ripe avocados in these ones

are perfection a drain tin of chick peas

fresh lemon juice roasted garlic make

sure the garlic is roasted because it

takes away that sharpness fresh basil

olive oil salt and pepper just pop the

lid on and blend it until it’s super

super creamy and this is like a thick

green deliciousness and again just pop

that into a bowl and then once our herb

lentils are ready we’re gonna take them

out there but and I’m gonna serve them

the sweet potato wedges today and fresh

rocket or arugula and then dollar or the

avocado one drizzle the garlic and just

eat the whole thing and you’re gonna be

so happy that’s super easy the fries

brilliantly so perfect to make in big

batches Chuck in your lunch boxes

throughout the week you can do them

a little bit smaller and use them for

example as a kind of a meatball the idea

with tomato pasta is absolutely

delicious as well as in salad liebe it’s

with loads of dips more like a kind of

falafel change so you’ll find them in

the purple chapter of the cut book

alongside the creamy avocado dip and

again like with everything please let me

know any feedback if you make them what

you think and excited to hear for me

say I’m


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