Hot and Sour Soup | Quick and Easy Plant-Based Recipe

 today we are making hot and sour soup

and this is gonna taste delicious and

make you feel a whole lot better if you

are feeling sick or your partner’s sick

and you want to impress them and make

them feel better we are using some

mushrooms I got some brown mushrooms and


inu is just one or the other but we’re

trying to go for flavor here we have a

leak you can use other greens like

cabbage or or bok choy tofu I got some

ginger bamboo shoots canned potentially

some water chestnuts we have some soy

sauce chili paste sesame oil as garnish

rice vinegar and some stock and we’re

just gonna put that in a pot and make

this delicious concoction and it’s gonna

be so good so let’s get into it

first things first let’s chop up some of

our ingredients so mushrooms I’m just

gonna go in with slices I’m not too

concerned about size but see the kind of

slices I’m getting at here

I have a lot of mushrooms here

realistically you get away with two cups

I probably got about three to four cups

here but I love my mush

so I’ll get extra next let’s prepare



tofu is prepped okay now we can get this

on to a medium-high I’m just gonna Brown

the tofu a bit and then add the


now for our mushrooms let’s get these in

while that is cooking down we are going

to prep some ginger I got about a

tablespoon here

okay that’s starting to stick a bit so

now I have the stock and I got some

vegetable stock here this is about 8

cups and we are going to bring that to a

boil and we can get our ginger in there

and prep our leek

okay now for our flavors about a heaping

tablespoon of chili paste you can spice

it other ways using chili pepper and you

can add more don’t make it overly spicy

if you can’t handle it and we’re also

gonna put in about 6 tablespoons of rice

vinegar I’m gonna eyeball this 3

tablespoons of soy sauce or tamari and

that has hit a boil so I’m gonna get in

the leek and the bamboo shoots

let’s see we’re at and give this a taste

nice good sour good spice as it cooked

down those flavors are gonna really come

together and we’ll reduce it a bit and

it’s just gonna get more delicious

already as a delicious meal but let’s

cook it down for a bit

and once it comes to another boil we’ll

reduce the heat and let it keep on

simmering that’s delicious but I could

use a bit more rice vinegar you probably

put the vinegar near the end if you put

it too early kind of evaporates so I’m

gonna add a bit more and I also did it

by eye and some sesame oil to finish it

off put about a tablespoon there and

that is ready to serve


let’s give this a taste I’m gonna been a

mushroom got some bamboo shoots leek the

broth that’s hot but very delicious

I could probably let it cool down a bit

some tofu

well that is delicious

definitely encourage you to give this

one a shot especially if you’re sick or

you’re cooking for your significant

other who’s sick or you just want to

really delicious meal it’s gonna make

you feel good on a cold night well

thanks for watching check out some more

videos somewhere around here somewhere

around here wherever it is but bye for


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