How to Make Guacamole for One

 – Mmm.

Perfect, quick guacamole.

Healthy, tasty.

I’ll use chips, but, mmm.

Guacamole for one.

I only have one avocado, and I’m only one person.

So I’m making guacamole for one.

Need tomatoes, I’m usin’ half a tomato.

‘Bout a tablespoon of white onion,

if you have red onion, you can use that too,

I actually prefer that, but I don’t have any right now.

Bit of lime juice, just a squeeze.

Small clove of garlic,

gotta crush that up.

And a perfectly ripe avocado.

Now I like to tell

when my avocadoes are ripe,

perfectly ripe, by removing the seed.

When you remove the seed, it’ll have

a nice little brown in there, you probably can’t see that.

Or you can just feel it, but don’t crush your avocado.

Time to prepare.

Gonna do this real quick.

Cause it’s already prepared.

Be careful with sharp knives.

And I don’t even use a spoon.

Just squeeze it right in there.


Definitely my favorite fruit.

Throw in that onion.

Throw in the tomato.

Maybe you won’t use all of it.

Squeeze that lime.

Cut that garlic.

And salt and pepper.

And mash that all up.

Not too much, we don’t want it soggy.

I’m going to eat it right away,

but a good trick if you want it to last a bit longer

in the fridge, aside from adding a bit more acid, or lime,

you can throw in the seed there and it’ll actually keep

for a bit longer.

Gotta throw some chips in there.

And yeah.

Then we’re gonna eat this delicious meal.

We’re gonna learn lots together.

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