Is This The Best Mushroom Recipe Ever?!

oh my goodness

I promise you these are gonna be some of

the best mushrooms you ever have

today we are making enoki mushrooms

we’re gonna roast these and these might

be the best mushrooms you ever had and

these only cost me $1 per package you

might see it for two bucks – might see

for three bucks but I get a bunch of

these at a time and roasting these it’s

a next-level madam in salads and Kevin’s

soups but I promise you if you make this

try it you are gonna love it

to make this we’re gonna need our no key

mushrooms some nutritional yeast garlic

powder some onion powder and some salt

you know the other spices but for now

we’re using that and a bit of oil


so I’m gonna start off by washing these

now you want to set your oven to 400

degrees Celsius okay I’m just gonna dry

some of these and we are gonna chop off

the end here

oh we got a baking sheet now we are just

gonna separate these a bit and what we

want to do is just avoid overlapping it

too much but you can see the kind of

size I’m going for here if we do too

much of an overlap or have too big of

pieces then it’s still gonna be

delicious but it doesn’t get as crispy I

like when it’s crispy on the outside and

then it has this amazingly savory

gooeyness in the inside and some of them

some are more crispy Zorawar do we make

sure they’re not too overlapping we’re

gonna go a bit heavy with the oil

because we are kind of frying them a bit

you can use less if you want but it’s

not could be as crispy drizzling makes

it a bit easier to get more on the right

places rather than putting a big blob in

and these mushrooms are absolutely great

as a snack or you can throw it on salads

or have it as a side dish which I did

last night when I’m guests over for

dinner whatever you do with it you’re

gonna enjoy okay now for a spices so I

actually mix all these spices into a

separate container so I have a little

spice mixture but you can do that or you

can do it separate but I like to make

spice mixtures and then be able to add

those to a bunch of recipes we were

gonna go in with the boat a teaspoon of

garlic powder and try not to get it all

in one spot next we have our onion



and nutritional yeast what’s that like a

quarter-cup that also helps soak up any

of the additional water that might be

left over and of course some salts maybe

about a teaspoon in here and once your

ovens hot we can get that in there

and we’re gonna cook that for about 20

minutes until it’s nice and crispy oh

those are looking pretty delicious

those will couldn’t be done now but I

think we can go for a couple more

minutes but yeah those are looking

pretty appetizing



so some of these are super crispy and

then some have that delicious gooeyness

both is delicious and it’s kind of

preference of what you prefer like these

ones nice and crispy em random my mouth

is savoring right now savory salivating

bit of cilantro is a nice garnish got

some green to it I promise you these are

gonna be some of the best mushrooms you

ever have oh my goodness there’s the

mommy richness of it it’s just like boom

it’s absolutely delicious great snack

great side dish great way to add on to

like a soup or something or even throw

in a pasta but that is unreal thanks for

watching I have some more mushroom

videos if you want to see them I think I

have a pulled pork recipe video without

using pork and it’s absolutely delicious

and a bunch more so I encourage you to

check out some more recipes and give

them a try let me know what you think if

you want to see me make anything in

particular let me know down in the

comments but thanks for watching bye


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