Shakshuka – World’s Best Healthy Breakfast

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we’re gonna be making


You heard me right,

we’re making shakshuka.

It’s an Israeli dish of spicy tomato-based sauce

with eggs poached inside it.

It’s common for breakfast or for dinner,

it’s super simple to make,

and super tasty.

I would think it’s the world’s best breakfast

for how cheap it is, and for how tasty it is,

and how quick it is to make.

Just gonna chop up the garlic.

Using the back of the knife or the side of the knife,

just gonna crush the garlic like this slightly.

Makes it super easy to peel.

Okay, we’re gonna throw our onions right in there.

A good sizzle going right away.

Chop the garlic.

We want to get these golden brown.


Okay, we’re gonna throw in the garlic.

And then add our spices.

Half teaspoon of cumin,

half teaspoon of paprika,

half teaspoon of cayenne,

and a few dashes of turmeric.

Now we throw our tomatoes in.

And about 200 milliliters of tomatoes,

crushed tomatoes.

And we’ll let that simmer for about five minutes.

So we got some good amount of liquid here

that’s gonna cook the egg.

So we can turn the heat down

and we’re just gonna make some space

inside the pan for the eggs to slide in.

Now what I like to do is kind of wrap

the sauce over top of the whites

and just kind of spread the whites into it,

without going into the yolk,

just spread the whites into the rest of it.

Now my yolk, I like it to be a little runny so,

the white’s pretty much all cooked,

but whatever’s not you can just mix it together.

But I’ll make sure to have a runny yolk.



Make this dish.

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