How to Make The Best Vegan Pepperoni?

This recipe has been very popular on my website with vegans, carnivores and everyone in between. It’s one of my best-selling recipes.

The pepperoni are made with pureed onions and peppers, which is a very simple recipe. I wanted to share my tips and tricks with you. You’ll soon be able to make your own awesome pepperoni.

Step 1. Make the onion and pepper mixture

Mix the onion and garlic together first. (The raw garlic can be quite strong, so I prefer to chop it first.)

Next, add the peppers. Don’t worry about chopping them as much as you would normally. The texture of the peppers should be very soft.

To make this recipe as simple as possible, I simply whisk the onions and peppers together. The mixture should be quite liquid, but not too liquid – that can take a while to dry. If the mixture is too liquid, you can use a blender or food processor to bring it to the right consistency.

Step 2. Boil the water

Next, boil the water. This is the most important step!

Make sure to boil it for around 30 minutes or so, stirring the mixture every 5 minutes. The boiling process will help to dry out the onion and pepper mixture. It will make the water a bit cloudy, but don’t worry about that. Just continue boiling the water.

Step 3. Cool the mixture

Once the mixture has boiled, let it cool.

You can use the mixture right away – it will work just fine. Or you can cool the mixture in the fridge. I prefer the fridge method, though.

Step 4. Freeze the mixture

Once the mixture has cooled, I pour it into a plastic ziploc bag and put it in the freezer.

Freezing the mixture will make the onion and pepper mixture really hard, so it’s better to freeze the mixture in the ziploc bag.

This way, you can use the mixture whenever you want. You just need to freeze it in the freezer.

Step 5. Remove the skin

Don’t worry about the skin on your onion and pepper mixture – it’s not a problem.

Just cut the mixture into small pieces. They won’t be completely smooth.

Then, place them on a baking sheet.

Step 6. Bake the mixture

In the oven, bake the mixture at 200°C (400°F) for around 20 minutes.

This is a very important step!

The mixture needs to be baked, otherwise the flavor won’t be as good. I prefer the oven method over the stovetop method, though.

Step 7. Eat the mixture

Once the mixture is baked, remove it from the oven.

Once the pepperoni is cool, you can eat it with pasta, pizza or use it as a pizza topping.

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