Vegan Peanut Shortbread

 okay so today we’re doing peanut butter

shortbread it’s six ingredients it’s

super simple and this is like heaven you

can do it with almond butter as well or

cashew butter so it’s like just in that

butter shortbread

it’s from our app which hopefully we

were using already which is going to no

Pierre month it’s like 400 and something

recipes now we update to every single

week almost every single day and this is

just one of my absolute favorites so I

wanted to highlight it and share it with

you guys and I’m hoping you’re going to

absolutely love it so the first thing

that we need to do is just pop the oven

on 180 and then I’m gonna measure out

the peanuts and you’re just gonna chop

them pretty roughly with a knife

once those are all cut out we’re gonna

weigh out our plain flour so you can use

quite Inferno more and then I don’t

flour I’m using this is a note brand but

again you could just um grind oats down

to make the flour yourself plus peanut

butter maple syrup and coconut oil which

you want to be melted mine’s really nice

and warm today so gonna blend that all

up in a food processor until it forms

our kind of really sticky mix and then

right at the end you’re gonna add all

the peanuts to it and just pulse those

through so that they don’t get crushed

anymore but that they just mixed through

and they give it a really nice kind of

thick texture so all you need to do up

to that it’s just transfer the mix into

a baking tray really firmly press it

down so it’s all nice and evenly spreads

and then we’re just gonna bake it for

kind of 10 to 15 minutes until it’s

really gorgeous and golden and at that

point take out that uh bird and we’re

gonna put them in the fridge just to let

them cool down for about 15 to 20

minutes and just to make it a little bit

more fun I’m gonna melt some dark

chocolate and I’m just drizzle that over

the top but that is an optional


so there we go

peanut butter shortbread dark chocolate

drizzle on the top you can see it’s got

that really nice texture of the little

kind of peanut e bites and I’m gonna

have to taste that’s it it’s like album

and you see it was so quick so simple

you’ll find this on the app all our

other recipes and I’m really really

excited for you to try it definitely

tribes with an almond version as well

because that is delicious


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